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Koinonia Group Seminars
The interdisciplinary Research Group Koinonia celebrates a sectorial seminar each quarter of the academic year (starting in October), which coincides thematically with each involved academic area: Social Work / History / Law / Psychology and Social Intervention. This section announces the next seminars:

I Koinonia Sectorial Seminar (History): Scientific Meeting "The concept of borders and frontier in the ancient world and its reception in modern society." Faculty of Geography and History, UNED, Madrid, November 8, 2012, 10-14 h. Programme.

II Koinonia Sectorial Seminar (Law): Seminar on charismatic leadership: sociability, mutual aid and religion in fraternities and secret societies. Associated Centre of UNED at Segovia, 1-2 March, 2013.

III Koinonia Sectorial Seminar (Social Work): International Workshop on Social Work: Future Trends in Social Work. Segovia, 11 y 12 de diciembre de 2013.

IV Koinonia Sectorial Seminar (Psychology): in preparation.

Research News
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